ESM-WFRV WallFlair Removable Vinyl

WallFlair Removable Vinyl is a premium-quality, 6-mil matte calendered vinyl with a special, removable acrylic adhesive that’s ideal for interior graphics applications. The material adheres to flat, painted wall surfaces and most types of wallpaper and wood panels. With its clear, ultra-removable adhesive, WallFlair can be taken down easily without leaving a messy residue. This product is not intended for use on unfinished walls and must be applied on a dry surface.  Printing to bleed is not recommended. To prevent the edges from lifting, a 1/8” to 1/4" border is recommended. Compatible with Roland DG SOLJET, VersaArt, VersaCAMM and TrueVIS printers.

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3 product(s) found

WallFlair Removable Vinyl, 30in x 100ft.

Item No.ESM-WFRV-100-30 In stock
Price $157.99

WallFlair Removable Vinyl, 54in x 100ft.

Item No.ESM-WFRV-100-54 In stock
Price $252.99

WallFlair Removable Vinyl, 20in x 50ft.

Item No.ESM-WFRV-50-20 In stock
Price $58.99