Replacement Cutting Strips63 inch - 54 inch - Paper - BN-20D Supplies

Replace cutting strips or pads after visible cuts or as adhesive sticks to the strip. Roland DGA keeps all cutting strips in stock and ready for easy ordering through our DGA Store. If you can’t find your machine model, please use our search feature to search for the machine and part you need.
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Premium Matte Paper, 180 gsm, 54in x 100ft.

Item No.ESM-PMP5-100-54 In stock
Price $167.99

Solvent Glossy Paper, 200 gsm, 54in x 100ft.

Item No.ESM-SGP3-100-54 In stock
Price $145.99

Solvent Glossy Paper, 200 gsm, 63in x 100ft.

Item No.ESM-SGP3-100-63 In stock
Price $171.99

Solvent Glossy Paper w/ Adhesive, 54in x 100ft.

Item No.ESM-SGPA-100-54 In stock
Price $261.99