Amber Mill Direct Blocks

Amber® Mill Direct is a cutting-edge CAD/CAM-based millable Lithium Disilicate Block designed for dental restorations. With its gradated translucency, it produces restorations that require minimal post-milling polishing.
This Lithium Disilicate-based block offers a time-efficient solution, enabling one-day restorations due to its shortened fabrication process. Its microstructures result in varying strengths across different regions of restorations, reducing antagonist tooth wear.
Amber® Mill Direct achieves natural translucency by applying a gradated microstructure, ensuring an aesthetic finish without the need for additional characterization. Available in various shades, it's a versatile choice for a range of dental indications. Suggested for use for inlays, onlays, veneers, anterior crowns, and posterior crowns. 

Please see the different shades available but please note due to color discrepancy between digital devices, the final color may vary slightly. 

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Amber Glow Polishing Paste.

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